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A Midsummer Night's Dream
by Melissa Martin - Last Updated Jun 12, 2013
A short foray into the land of the Bard
All That Jazz
by Ellen White - Last Updated Jun 3, 2011
A Research Project Guide
British Literature (EN60)
by Bonnie Drain, Donna Parker - Last Updated Oct 16, 2014
A lib guide for a survey course for British Literature.
Bud, Not Buddy
by Guadalupe Carrasco-Villalpando - Last Updated Apr 2, 2012
Dobson Freshmen English
by Trish Merrill - Last Updated Jan 31, 2013
Dobson's freshmen English team came together and combined resources to give students an easy way to access all classroom materials.
Electronic Student Resources
by Bill Egan - Last Updated Jun 3, 2014
Electronic Resources for Students in Algebra, Geometry, American History, and English
Figure of Speech Podcast
by Cynthia Carter - Last Updated Apr 12, 2012
Creation of a podcast that explains the etymology of a cliché and the benefits and drawbacks of using it.
Find a Good Book
by Jaimie Wright - Last Updated May 29, 2013
A guide to resources for finding the perfect book.
Gatsby 1920's Project
by Rebecca Martin - Last Updated Apr 13, 2010
A group project in which students will research and present information on the Roaring Twenties.
Hamlet - AP English Literature and Composition
by Beth Gaffney - Last Updated Nov 8, 2013
Complete guide to all that Gaff's APES need to know.
Heroes Unit
by Michelle Disbrow, Bonnie Drain - Last Updated Jul 25, 2012
Ninth Grade Literature -- Heroes in literature
Literary Explorations
by Deborah Jones - Last Updated Jun 4, 2010
Books lists and other resources for Literary Explorations at Mountain View High School
Miss Merrill's Freshman English
by Trish Merrill - Last Updated Jun 12, 2014
Course materials for freshman English (EN09).
Mrs. Tracy's ELA Courses
by Hayley Tracy - Last Updated May 10, 2017
Explore the various units of Mrs. Tracy's Junior & Senior English classes, including literature, research, and writing.
Mythologies Around the World
by Sarah Baum - Last Updated Dec 2, 2011
Students research the mythologies from around the world
Protest Music and Poetry of the 20th Century
by Rachel Collay - Last Updated Sep 23, 2013
An interactive activity which highlights music and poetry meant to change the world
Senior English
by Karin Jozefowski - Last Updated Apr 15, 2014
Coursework and guides for Senior English reading and writing
Sophomore English
by Guadalupe Carrasco-Villalpando - Last Updated Jun 29, 2012
This LibGuide will be used to keep us all on track with Sophomore English.
The Color of My Words
by Michelle Guanell - Last Updated Jan 13, 2014
Introductory literature unit for 6th grade
The Great Gatsby- Theme Theories
by Michael Garcia - Last Updated Apr 23, 2011
Students will use important symbols and colors in The Great Gatsby to develop theories about possible themes in the classic novel.
The Joy Luck Club
by Guadalupe Carrasco-Villalpando - Last Updated Mar 22, 2012
"I think books were my salvation, they saved me from being miserable." - Amy Tan
Walt Whitman/Emily Dickinson Project
by Michael Garcia - Last Updated Feb 24, 2011
Students will explore the romantic poetry of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson by analyzing the classic poems and creating a multi-media presentation.
When the Emperor Was Divine Novel Unit
by Rachel Collay - Last Updated Apr 25, 2012
A novel unit encompassing historical fiction and research on the Japanese Internment Camps of the WWII Era