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6th Grade Middle Ages Unit
by Vanessa Mayberry, Cheryl Rach - Last Updated Jan 10, 2018
All That Jazz
by Ellen White - Last Updated Jun 3, 2011
A Research Project Guide
Animal Abuse - Persuasive Essay
by Brian Hughes - Last Updated Apr 7, 2011
Pathfinder guide for research on animal abuse, animal cruelty, animal rights, endangered species, and animal protection to write a persuasive essay.
Annelid & Arthropod Research Project
by Jim (Corwin) Barnette - Last Updated Aug 21, 2010
This research project is designed to accompany the Animal Kingdom science unit on invertebrates. Students may complete this project independently or with a partner.
Big 6 & Super 3
by Helen Darcy, Nancy Simmons, Stephanie Stork - Last Updated Oct 19, 2009
How to use Big 6 or Super 3 for researching.
Copyright Simplified for Students and Teachers
by Laura Sears - Last Updated Feb 27, 2013
This guide will give students and teachers copyright information and guidelines for research and Internet publication.
Electronic Student Resources
by Bill Egan - Last Updated Jun 3, 2014
Electronic Resources for Students in Algebra, Geometry, American History, and English
Having Our Say Unit
by Tom Mitchell - Last Updated Aug 12, 2014
What makes history? What is a primary source? Who determines historical accuracy?
by Karin Clapper, Denise Lee, Michele Roberts - Last Updated Oct 20, 2009
Research strategy for informative writing.
Information Search Process
by Deb Faysak, Karen Mountford, Barb Nelson - Last Updated Oct 19, 2009
A guide to research for students.
Mr. Brown's 6th Grade Class
by Shaun Brown - Last Updated May 23, 2013
Learn, practice, and master sixth grade concepts. Get some review! Try and work ahead!
by Valerie Hellenga, Denise Mika, Sookie Shangraw - Last Updated Oct 21, 2009
How to use NoodleTools for researching.
Parent Resources for Autism
by Sarah Mason - Last Updated Aug 18, 2010
A guide for parents of students with Autism containing information and links to resources for high school and beyond.
by Regina Blalack, Holli Christensen, Heather Piercy - Last Updated Jun 8, 2010
Advice for the activities that lead up to searching for information.
Scientific Method
by Jo Ann Hallstrom, Samantha Johnson, Claudia Rangel - Last Updated Sep 19, 2016
The research method most often used in scientific experimentation.
Shepherd Library
by Patti Beck - Last Updated Sep 5, 2017
The Counties of Arizona
by Sharon Hutchins - Last Updated Aug 24, 2010
Research on the counties of Arizona links for research
by Cathy Ball, Davi Davis, Lori Simmons - Last Updated Oct 20, 2009
Guide to WebQuests; what they are, when to use them, how to create a WebQuest.