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6th Grade Social Studies & Science
by Melissa Munoz - Last Updated Jun 12, 2013
This LibGuide is filled with information and helpful links about the topics covered in 6th grade Social Studies.
8th Grade Science
by Trisha Baran, Margo Mosby, Barbara Penrose - Last Updated Aug 4, 2011
Year at Your Fingertips!
Anatomy Endocrine Project
by Virginia Domer - Last Updated Jan 18, 2013
Create a powerpoint presentation about an endocrine disorder.
Annelid & Arthropod Research Project
by Jim (Corwin) Barnette - Last Updated Aug 21, 2010
This research project is designed to accompany the Animal Kingdom science unit on invertebrates. Students may complete this project independently or with a partner.
AP/IB Psychology
by Andrea Murphy - Last Updated Aug 23, 2011
Arizona Animal Project
by Marie Smith - Last Updated Apr 24, 2014
Fourth Grade animal report for the science unit Survivor
Arizona Animal Report
by Patricia Miller - Last Updated Jun 17, 2012
Arizona Animal Research Project
Careers in Science
by Virginia Domer - Last Updated Jan 9, 2014
The objective of this assignment is to create an informative essay about a career of interest in science
Fun In Space!
by Melissa Greer - Last Updated Dec 7, 2010
All About Our Solar System
General Chemistry at Westwood
by Lisa Tozzi - Last Updated Sep 21, 2012
Use this guide to help you succeed in Ms. Tozzi's General Chemistry Class
Genetic Research Project
by Erin Arnett - Last Updated Jun 12, 2013
This is a resource guide to accompany the Genetic and Karyotype Project for Biology.
by Cecilia Woody - Last Updated Aug 18, 2010
6th grade geocaching unit.
Global Sustainability Project
by Janie Larimore - Last Updated May 3, 2011
Students will identify and research a Global Sustainability Topic and write a research Paper with in-text citations, and prepare a Multimedia presentation.
How to Research Oceanography
by Laurie Bridges, Noelee Hill, Chanta Vasquez - Last Updated Aug 3, 2010
Resources for teachers and students studying 4th-12th grade Oceanography.
Naming and Writing Formulas
by Kerilynn Turley - Last Updated Dec 9, 2011
This page gives information on naming and writing of chemical formulas.
Oceanography Project
by Cecilia Woody - Last Updated Aug 4, 2011
This guide will give you the information you need to complete your oceanography unit project whether you are completing the Project Exploration Report or the Oceanography Animal Research Project.
Smith Science 8th
by Eileen Gratkins - Last Updated Aug 16, 2013
Resources to help you in your study of 8th grade Science at Smith Junior High School.
The Brain
by Cecilia Woody - Last Updated Aug 15, 2011
This guide will help you better understand the function of the brain and the nervous system.
The Caves Project
by Jim (Corwin) Barnette - Last Updated Sep 26, 2015
Cave Research Project for Ishikawa ELP
The Planets
by Catherine Tiedemann - Last Updated Jun 2, 2011
Find information and links on the planets in our solar system. Find information about the class report assignment.