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Animal Abuse - Persuasive Essay
by Brian Hughes - Last Updated Apr 7, 2011
Pathfinder guide for research on animal abuse, animal cruelty, animal rights, endangered species, and animal protection to write a persuasive essay.
Biography Research Essay Unit
by Tammie Pursley - Last Updated Mar 28, 2011
Students will research a famous person, write a 5 paragraphy essay with in text citations, and prepare a powerpoint presentation and then present to class.
Invictus: Poetry and Apartheid
by Haya Miller - Last Updated Aug 19, 2010
Students will research different aspects of apartheid and South Africa to analyze and to write a poem.
Miss Merrill's Freshman English
by Trish Merrill - Last Updated Jun 12, 2014
Course materials for freshman English (EN09).
Mrs. Tracy's ELA Courses
by Hayley Tracy - Last Updated May 10, 2017
Explore the various units of Mrs. Tracy's Junior & Senior English classes, including literature, research, and writing.
Senior Persuasive Research Paper
by Rebecca Martin - Last Updated Mar 25, 2010
by Donna Denning - Last Updated Dec 9, 2009
Writing links to faciliate writing at home.