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2.6: Proving Stmnt about Angles Print Page


Angle Addition Postulate BC is between <ABD if and only if <ABC +<CBD = <ABD.
Angle Bisector BC is an angle bisector of <ABD if and only if <ABC congruent  <CBD
Definition of Right angle It is a right angle if and only if measure of the angle = 900
Definition of Supplementary Two angles are supplementary if and only if their sum is 1800
Definition of complementary Two angles are complementary if and only if their sum is 900
Vertical Angles If two angles are vertical then they are congruent
Linear Pairs If two angles are linear pairs then they equal 1800
Add. Prop. of Equ If <A = <B, then <A + <C = <A + <C
Sub. Prop. of Equ. If <A =  <B, then <A -  <C = <B - <C
Multi. Prop pf Equ.  If <A = <B, then <C (<A) = <C (<B)
Divide Prop of Equ. If <A = <B, then <A / <C = </  <C
Substitution: If RA = RB, then RA can replace RB
Reflexive: RA = RA
Symmetric RA = RB, then RB = RA
Transitive If RA = RB and RB = RC, then RA = RC
Right angle @ All right angles are congruent to each other
Congruent Supplements If two angles are supplementary to same or congruent angles then they are congruent.
Congurent Complements If two angles are complementary to same or congruent angles then they are congruent.
Definition of Congruency:   If <1 is congruent to <2, then m<1 = m<2

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