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Spanish Verb Conjugations  

An introduction to the conjugation of Spanish verbs
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  -ER Verbs









Ella, Él, Ud.


Ellas, Ellos, Uds.




  Practice -ER Verbs

Try conjugating a few verbs:

  1. Yo + comer = _______
  2. Tu + correr = _______
  3. Nosotros + creer = _______
  4. Ella + comer = _______
  5. Ellas + ver = _______
  6. Yo + creer = _______
  7. Usted + traer = _______
  8. Tu + comer = _______
  9. Mario + correr = _______
  10. Juan y yo + comer = _______


  1. como
  2. corres
  3. creemos
  4. come
  5. ven
  6. creo
  7. trae
  8. comes
  9. corre
  10. comemos

An Expanded View of -ER Verbs

As we've talked about before, there are three types of verbs: Verbs that end in -AR, verbs that end in -ER and verbs that end in -IR. For the moment we will be looking at -ER verbs.

To conjugate (make the verb match the subject) most verbs, we just have a wee-bit of work to do.

  1. First, we drop the ending (-er). This will leave us with the "stem".
  2. Next, we find what the correct ending should be. While you are getting started, use the chart to the left. You need to know now that this chart must be learned completely. You will not always have acces to it. In fact, pretty soon you should be conjugating without even thinking about this chart.
  3. Finally, add the appropriate ending to the stem of the verb. That's all!

Here are a few of the verbs that we study this year and some examples of those verbs being conjugated:

Comer (Stem is Com-)

Yo como (I eat)   Nosotros comemos (We eat)
Tu comes (You eat)  
Ella (or El, Ud.) come (She or He, You eat)           Ellos (or Ellas, Uds.) comen (they or y'all eat)


Creer (Stem is Cre-)

Yo creo (I believe)   Nosotros creemos (We believe)
Tu crees (You believe)  
Ella (or El, Ud.) cree (She or He, You believes)           Ellos (or Ellas, Uds.) creen (they or y'all believe)


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