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This is the "Poetry Portfolio" page of the "Mesa High School AP Literature and Composition" guide.
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Mesa High School AP Literature and Composition  

Mr. Garcia's AP Literature and Composition resource page.
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Poetry Portfolio Print Page

Looking for Poetry?

American Poets of the 21st Century

21st century poetry book


Assignment Description

What you will do:

  • You will collect, create, analyze, and appreciate poetry.
  • You will compile a poetry portfolio of several poems in various categories, create analyses of poetry, and present your portfolio to the class.
  • Using the resources provided in class and your own knowledge of poetry, you will collect and present poetry in the form of a decorative portfolio that suits your tastes in poetry.  When your portfolio is complete, you will share some of your poems with the class as well as insights you gained during the project.



1. Your poetry portfolio must consist of the following types of poems (A-D) as well as the other listed parts:

  • A. 4 classic poems (written before 1900)
  • B.  4 modern poems (written between 1900-2000)
  • C.  2 contemporary poems (written within the last 10 years) 
  • D.  4 Original poems utilizing some of the poetic devices studied in class  
  • E.  A 2-3 paragraph analysis of each poem that will include answers to the following questions
  • 1. Why did you choose this poem?
  • 2. What is the meaning of the poem? (your interpretation)
  • 3. What poetic devices are dominant in this poem? (give direct examples)
  • 4. What aspects of the author's specific use of figurative language enhance the meaning of the poem? How so? 
  • F. Choose one poem in which the speaker takes a particularly strong tone. Discuss how the speaker is characterized by his/her tone. Examine what the tone of the speaker tells us about the personality of the speaker (3-4 paragraphs). 
  • G. Choose one poem in which there is a prominent symbol or allusion. Discuss how the symbol or allusion enhances your understanding of the complex meaning of the poem (3-4 paragraphs). 
  • H. Choose three poems and write a "paraphrase" of them. (See page 679 in your Literature Book for explanation)
  • I. An alphabetized author Biography page that tells some biographical information about each author appearing in your portfolio.  If there is no information about your author, then list the name at minimum.

2.  Your portfolio should be presented in an artistic, decorative format and should be bound in some way.  Examples:  Photos, Illustrations, Decorative Cover, Fancy Fonts, Fancy Stationary. 

3.  Your portfolio entries should be TYPED and have a consistent style. Simply printing the poetry off of the internet will not be sufficient for an A.

4.  You will be required to present your portfolio to the class as well as read at least one of your original poems.


Don't Procrastinate!

This project is time-intensive. You cannot expect to complete this at the proverbial last minute. Start early and work on this every night for homework!


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