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This is the "Dorian Gray Creative Project" page of the "Mesa High School AP Literature and Composition" guide.
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Mesa High School AP Literature and Composition  

Mr. Garcia's AP Literature and Composition resource page.
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Dorian Gray Creative Project Print Page

Creative Group Project



Choose one of the options below to complete with your assigned group of 5 or 6 students. Each presentation format will include four common components, which will be: literary elements, visual representations of the book, class participation, and whole group participation. All of these elements must be included no matter which option you choose. Presentations must last from 10-15 minutes.

 Literary Elements

For this portion, you must address at least three literary devices from the list below by providing examples and explanations in your creative project. The examples and explanations should come within the context of the project and should not seem “detached.”

irony                             paradox                          symbolism                       satire

aphorism                         foreshadowing               theme                             tone      

antithesis                        allusion                          characterization               diction


 Visual Representations of the Book

You must include visual aids that assist you in representing key visual elements from the book. Naturally, if you create a video, act out a scene, or create a graphic novel, these are all visual. However, you may want to create an accompanying PowerPoint, poster, chart, or handout that compliments your presentation and gives students something to “take away.”


Class Participation

There must be a portion of your presentation that actively engages the rest of the class in participation. This could be through note taking, a quiz, a handout, etc.


Whole Group Participation

Everyone in the group must hold an equal share in the project.


Project Choices:

Graphic Novel

Create a graphic novel with at least two pages per team member. Each page should consist of at least six frames. The entire graphic novel should include at least one chapter of the book, but may include the entire book. You must include key dialogue and thoughtful imagery from the novel in your own illustrations.  Color will enhance your presentation greatly. Team coordination is crucial for this option. See me about scanning in your final pages afterwards so you can present your novel through PowerPoint. This would be preferred.



Take a crucial scene from Dorian Gray and write a film screenplay. You may want to look at sample screenplays as a guide.  Your screenplay should include key dialogue from the novel and should depict a crucial scene in a dramatic fashion. For your presentation, you will need live actors to act out your screenplay. You should also include stage directions, suggested camera angles, and setting descriptions where necessary. Costumes are a plus!  


Theatrical Trailer

This is for the film buffs out there! Pretend that The Picture of Dorian Gray is going to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. You have been hired to make the theatrical trailer. Create a 3-5 minute teaser for the film version to pitch to the Hollywood executives. This will require some film editing, so please make sure you have the appropriate equipment ahead of time. This should be turned in on DVD format. You may want to design an accompanying movie poster. See me about printing in color, which I can do if given enough notice. Since your presentation will be 10-15 minutes, you may want to use some time to discuss your trailer and other requirements.


Social Network

Create a social network (Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Website) fan page for The Picture of Dorian Gray.  On the page include important aspects that people might want to know about the novel, such as a summary, themes, predominant literary elements, character profiles, and other topics of interest as they relate to the novel. These should all be your original creations (not from the internet!). For full credit, each team member must contribute at least 500 words of writing in some manner on the page. Be sure it is clear which team members created each part. Since this will not be viewable at school, you will need to present this using screen shots that have been cut and pasted into a PowerPoint presentation.


Art Gallery

Each group member must create an original work of art that is representative of an important theme, character, or symbol from the novel. The art can consist of any medium you see fit. Common mediums are: paint, sculpture (clay, metal), pencil, charcoal, and fibers. Overall, the artistic representations should fit into one cohesive “show.” Each artist must create a write-up of 500 words describing the artistic expression as it relates to important aspects of the novel. You will present your project by installing an art show in the gallery (classroom). As is customary for many art openings, you might want to create a flyer advertising the opening as well as provide snacks appropriate for an art showing (cheese and crackers, fruit, hors d’oeuvres, etc.). Light music in the background may also add to the ambience.

 Have fun!




Sample Dorian Gray Trailer


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