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Ninth Grade Literature -- Heroes in literature
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American Hero

Read the poem on page 476.

Answer questions 2 and 7 on page 478.

Now answer these:

1.  True or false, the hero in the poem has disappointed his fans?

2.  True or false, in the poem a basket is made from 50 feet away?

3.  True or false, the speaker realizes that he would not be considered a hero in some neighborhoods?

4.  Describe the setting of this poem.

5.  What is the conflict in this poem?

6.  Who is the speaker of the poem?  Would you say the speaker is the protagonist or the antagonist?

7.  What is the message or theme in this poem?

8.  How does that messager contribute to the serious tone at the end of the poem?


The Courage that My Mother Had

Read the poem on page 461.

Answer these questions.

In your text on page 462 answer questions 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.

 Also answer these:

In figurative language one thing is described in terms of another.  Quote one example of fgurative language from the poem.

Write about one quality of a family member that you wish you had.  It should be a personality characteristic that you feel would make you a better person.  You should write either a good six sentence paragraph that explains that characteristics and why you wish you had it or a six line poem that does the same thing. 

Edna St. Vincent Millay from Discovery Education.



Read the poem on page 711.

Answer question 14 on page 712.

Now answer these questions.

1.  What is the setting of this poem?  Describe it in your own words.

2.  Is the speaker of this poem young or old?  Give evidence to support your answer.

3.  Find TWO examples of figurative language and quote them.

4.  This poem is about the journey we all take through life.  Make a list of at least FIVE life experiences he mentions.

5.  Compare the journey Odysseus is making in The Odyssey to the journey being made in "Ithaca."  How are the two journeys similiar and how are they different?


My Father is a Simple Man

Luis Omar Salinas -- from

Read the poem on page 62.

Answer these questions.

 1. Who is the speaker in this poem? 

 2.  Explain why this could be considered a lyric porm.

 3.  Find at least THREE figures of speech used in the poem and quote them.

 4.  In the poem, who has more "education," but who does the speaker see as the more educated person?  Why?

 5.  Why is the father in the poem "great?"  Why would he be considered a hero? 

 6.  Write your own definition of what greatness is.


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