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Essential Vocabluary:

  • scientific method
  • inquiry process
  • observation
  • inference
  • question
  • hypothesis
  • testable
  • cause
  • effect
  • bias
  • compare
  • classify
  • predict
  • independent variable
  • dependent variable
  • controlled experiment
  • controlled variable (constant)
  • control group
  • experimental group
  • validity
  • data table
  • line graph
  • double bar graph
  • stem and leaf plot
  • histogram
  • trend
  • results
  • analysis
  • conclusion
  • reliability




How are graphs used to represent data?  Try out this interactive lab.  Have fun!


Need to Know

You should already have had exposure or have been taught about the scientific method , measurement, and graphing.   However here is a great refresher course to help you remember!

The essential  questions and skills that you should be able to answer are the following:

  1. What is the scientific method?
  2. Why do scientists use the scientific method?
  3. What are observations and inferences? 
  4. What are appropriate and inappropriate sources of research information (English)?
  5. Why are proper procedures necessary when conducting a scientific experiment?
  6. Identify variables; IV, DV, CV.
  7. Identify control groups and experimental groups.
  8. Identify and use scientific equipment .
  9. Are you able to make accurate and appropriate measurements?
  10. Create a data chart and organize the information in a logical manner.
  11. Choose an appropriate graph and create a properly labeled graph. 

Scientific Method Song


Scientific Tools

 Beaker                      Flask

  Graduated Cylinder       Triple Beam Balance

 Magnifying Glass         Dropper

 Spring Scale/Newtometer            Thermometer


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