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Junior AVID  

This guide is for junior AVID students to use as a complimentary resource for the AVID elective class.
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25 College Poster Presentation


Here is a list of colleges that are not local, and you probably don’t know much about any of them. Research one college and from your findings complete the chart for one of the"33 AVID Friendly Colleges You May Not Have Considered,” and then create an informative poster and display for a gallery walk. Only ONE student will research a college, so you will need to sign up as soon as possible. Complete the following steps in your research.

Note: If you would rather choose to research a college from your College Board "Top Five" list, I will allow it.  You will need to get my approval first, however.


1. Use the Internet to compile the information requested on the attached chart. We will be scheduled in the library for two class periods for research.
2. Write to the admission office of your assigned college right away. You will need to allow time for their response. Do this on the first day we are in the library. Once the letter is printed and placed in an addressed, sealed envelope, ask your AVID teacher to mail it for you. Or you may request that the college send you information online. After you have gathered your information, you will create a poster and display. Your poster should include information from all categories on the research chart, pictures of the college, maps, other relevant information, a copy of the admission application and the catalog. See the model poster for an example of what your poster needs to include.
3. Write a 1-2 page synopsis (summary of your findings) of your research. You can cover some or all of the topics below.


                        -What college did you research?

-What are the top five reasons that people should attend your college?


                        -Are you interested in applying to this college? Why or why not?

                        -What should people know about your college?

                        -How is your college unique from other colleges?

                        -Where is it located? Describe the setting of the college.

                        -What academic programs are offered that are interesting or different?

                        -What is the history of the college?

                        -What were your most interesting findings?


                        -Reflect on what you learned from your research.

                        -What did you learn about this college that will help you with applying to

other colleges?

                        -What do you think was the purpose of this assignment? Why did you

have to do it?

                        -What was difficult or challenging about this assignment?

                        -What surprised you about this assignment?

                        -Anything else about your learning process…


            -1-2 typed pages

            -double spaced

            -12 point/ Times New Roman font

            -MLA Format

            -no Works Cited page needed


List of 33 Colleges


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