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Sophomore English   Tags: 10th english, carrasco, sophomore english  

This LibGuide will be used to keep us all on track with Sophomore English.
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Sophomore Literature



Every morning while I'm still sleeping, my brother and sister wake up with annoying boisterous behavior. Taylor J

my nieces and nephews are very boisterous. Prescott S.

The lady was very boisterous, she bumped into Dustin and didn't even notice.  Christian H

My little brother is always boisterous after he eats ice cream. David T :D <3 >.<



The edifice had beautiful windows. Mikella S.

The Empire State Building is a very large edifice in New York City. Monica A (:

Dustin lives in a very large edifice in Arizona with his girlfriends. Manuel N.;)

My uncle is working on the 911 memorial edifices.



ISAAC ALLEN!!!! The University of Kentucky is the entity i will play college basketball for.    

arizona became a entity 100 hundred years ago. Prescott S!!!!!!!

 me and dustin felt a paramormal entity in my house!!  dusttin b!!!1

my family are the entities of the church.



He was very gaunt from many years of abuse.   -Cathy A.

All my siblings consider me a gaunt for being so skinny. Daniela Y.

The gaunt and feeble old man, called Dustin, carefully crossed the treacherous road. Ronald C.

There stood the willow, dying and gaunt.         Gilbert R.



The new girl of the class was very impersonal. Mikella S.

 My shy little cousin is very imposersonal.(:


dustin is impersonal showing not emotions or personality. Jonathan R

After my girl and I broke up, i felt so impersonal with other girls. :'( David T.



I started to have a nuance in my talking when i moved to Texas. -William M.


She made nuance movements hopeing not to waken or desturb anyone. -Felicia


Teacher a was easier to understand because of the nuance she placed on important words. (;


Dustins nuance in clothing went unnoticed. Michael C.


There was a nuiance in the way she said "hello" today, which made me feel she was in a bad mood. David T.



He had a panoramic veiw as he stood on the mountain. -Kyle E.

when you are top of the mountain have a great panoramic of bellow-juan a.

Dustin Saw A Outrageous Panorama While On Top Of Mt. Rushmore , Brenda S c ;

The Panorama Of The Grand Canyon Was Beautiful Stephanie R.



I look back at the reminiscence of when my father and my brother used to get along.

my reminiscence childhood was very exhilarting Prescott S.

 dustin had a reminiscenece of his first truck after the crash riko m

"Lord, man, as close as you and Lil stuck to me when I was a kid, I owed her that in more. Say, Bea, did I ever tell you about the time -" and we sung into the usual reminiscences . Stephanie R.



I always treat the elders at my church reverently. - Yuvitzia P.

I always treat my teachers reverently in class. Daisy P.

Before Dustin and I began our duel to the death we bowed reverently. Michael C.

I am reverently greeting President Obama. Chase H.



missippi is very sultry -Yohan Y .

Arizona is very sultry during the summer time. Shelby G.

Dustin was bathing in mud in the sultry spa.

It was a sultry moment when she sadly had a miscarriage.Dr.swagg


Mesa HS Sophomore English PLC

Ms. Massey, Ms. Cavolo, Ms. Broberg and Ms. Carrasco-Villalpando


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