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Miss Merrill's Freshman English   Tags: 9th grade english, freshman english, merrill, miss merrills freshman english  

Course materials for freshman English (EN09).
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1st quarter- 
Hero's Unit

2nd quarter-   
Personal Mottos

3rd quarter-   
Emotions and Feelings

4th quarter-  
Real world

*Above information subject to change
*All quarters will incorporate non-fiction and critical reading

Helpful Links

Here are some links that you might find helpful throughout the year:

  • MLA Help
    Infromation and citation generator from Purdue
  • More MLA Help
    Information about MLA format for Cornell University
  • The Round-up
    Dobson's school newspaper
  • The WriteSource
    Did write something that you are proud of? Is it really good? If so get a parent or guardian to help you submit it for possible publication in a textbook.

Why Use LibGuides?

Why LibGuides? Almost every assignment that we will do this year is posted in this LibGuide. If you are absent or have fallen behind this webpage, and my classroom calendar will be your best friend. The calendar will let you know what we are completing on which day, then this WebGuide will allow you to find the actual assignment.


Course Information

OBJECTIVE: Freshman English (EN09) is a year-long Sophomore English prerequisite course that will require a significant level of interest and commitment by the student. Moreover, this course is a preparation class for the AIMS Reading and Writing tests that students will take during sophomore year.
We will concentrate on improving the student's written communication skills and critical reading skills by reading (examining and interpreting a variety of literature), by researching, writing, rewriting, and writing some more.
FORMAT: I use a point system to grade and will add up the total possible points for each quarter. First and second quarter are averaged with the mid-term exam (given December 20th and 21st) for a semester grade, the same process is used second semester, but with third and forth quarter grades and the final exam (given May 22nd and 23rd). Each student will be asked to monitor their class grade weekly using Student Portal. Weekly grades of less than 75% require a parent or guardian signature. Points are earned almost daily. Some assignments are not graded at length, but almost all assignments are worth some point.
Grades are recorded in Student Portal/Parent Portal grade book. Assignments will be input in online grade book as soon as they are graded. For daily work this should be no longer than one to two days in most cases, essays and larger projects may take up to two weeks to be graded.
SCALE: Student achievement is determined by several criterions. Students receive a grade for assignments done in class, homework, test/quizzes, participation, and essays. Essays will be the largest part of the student's grade.
90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
59% or below F

Material requirements include a binder or section in a binder for English course materials, pencils, black or blue pen, and another pen of any color, highlighter, and a supply of college ruled loose leaf paper. An USB or Flash drive is highly recommended, most essay and large writing assignments will need to be typed. The USB drive allows students to take their work from one computer to another and to make revisions at a later time.
Required texts for the class included Elements of Literature and Write Source. You may be given a copy to keep at home.

POLICIES: ABSENCES Every day in English we cover essential information. Because each day builds on the previous day's learning, it is imperative that your child attends class daily. I will accept NO make-up work for an unexcused absence. If the absence is excused, your child will have the same number of days as he was absent to make up the work. HOWEVER, IF THE ASSIGNMENT WAS CALENDARED PRIOR TO THE ABSENCE, THE STUDENT WILL BE EXPECTED TO HAVE THE ASSIGNMENT UPON HIS RETURN. It is your student's responsibility to find out, before or after school, what was missed.

Assignments: Posted on the classroom website (http://www.mpsaz.org/dobson/staff/lamerrill/class2/en09cal/) are the daily classroom activities and assignments. Students are asked to keep track of their assignments in their Dobson agenda. Please feel free to ask your student to share this with you. Students always receive ample notice as to when assignments are due, thus the English department late work policy will be enforced. Late work may be accepted on a case-by-case basis for partial credit. If a student is unable to turn in an assignment on time they should come talk to me as soon as they realize the assignment will not be ready on time.

Neat, complete, and quality work is expected from students at all times. Simply put, if I cannot read it, I will not grade it. If work is turned in and is not quality, you will be asked to redo the assignment prior to receiving a grade.

EXPECTATIONS: Because this is a high school credit class, I expect NO discipline issues. There are few rules for the class. They are as follows: BE HERE. Because each day builds on the previous day's learning, it is imperative that your child attends class daily with all the proper materials and homework necessary to proceed with the new day. Instruction begins as soon as the tardy bell rings. Therefore, restroom, fountain, and sharpener use should be taken care of prior to that bell. A class starter will be apparent to the student upon entering, and students are expected to be engaged with that assignment at the time of the tardy bell. Students who are tardy are sent to the sweep area and are held responsible for the work and homework on that day.The second rule is BE HERE! It will not be enough that the student is merely physically present. I expect every member of the classroom to be a respectful, vital, contributing part of the classroom learning atmosphere.The third rule is the one I stress the most, RESPECT. Students are expected to respect themselves, peers, teacher (subs included), and property (belonging to both individuals and the school).
If at any point you realize that help is needed, ASK!!!!! I am usually at school before 7:15 and seldom leave before 4:30. However, it is critical for students to come talk to be BEFORE coming in for help. Because I sponsor Yearbook, prom, and AVID club, as well and work many sporting events if I am not expecting a student, I may not be in my room. With prior notice I am available before school or after school most days. I teach Yearbook 3rd and 4th hour, so I am not available to assist students during conference or at lunch most days (however with notice accommodations can be made).


Non-Fiction Weekly articles

Each week students will be assigned a short article to read for homework. They will also be assigned two AVID critical reading stratagies to go along with that article. The article will be assigned on the fist day of the week and it will be due on the last day of the week.

Below you will find the handouts about the different stratagies, articles will also be posted her by the date assigned.

For more information and other helpful checkout this link!

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