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Day 1: Introduction to iambic pentameter. Take notes on Shakespeare's Language PowerPoint.

Read Sonnet 18

Day 2:  Complete group sonnet analysis with study groups. 

Day 3: Complete sonnet notes and create a sonnet in iambic pentameter.

Day 4: Complete notes on the Renaissance

Day 5: Complete notes on Shakespeare's Career and Plays (video shown in class)

Day 6: Begin Act I Scene I of Macbeth

Day 7: Write a summary for Act I scenes i and ii in notes. Read Act I scene iii. Record the four prophecies into the summary notes for Act I.iii

Day 8: Quiz on Shakespeare and iambic pentameter. Record definition for terms: aside, thane, soliloquy. Translate a paragraph from Act I into modern English.  

Day 9: Complete Act I notes- vocabulary and summary. Read II.i.

Day 10: View the dagger scene. Read II.ii. Term: comic relief.

Day 11: Review Act II.ii. and read II.iii. 

Day 12: Act II.iii. and complete Act II notes. Record two quotes from Act II. Take a brief quiz on Act II. 

Day 13: Read III.i-ii. and writ e asummary. Write a paragraph response to one of the following (20 points assignment grade). This is a timed writing of ten minutes. 

              1. Why are Lady Macbeth and macbeth unhappas as king and queen?

         or 2. Why doesn't Macbeth tell his wife of his plans to murder Banquo and Fleance? Describe how this changes his relationship with his wife.

Day 14: Read III.iv-v. Create a summary. If time allows: discuss questions on p.326 

Day 15: Share summaries from III.iv-v. and highlight key ideas or add missing concepts. 

View III.iv-vi.

Write a scene and act summary for Act III. Complete the vocabulary and be prepared for a quiz on Act III tomorrow. Make certain to record two quotes from Act III if you have not already.

Day 16: Act III quiz. 

Read IV.i Discuss apparations in literature (A Christmas Carol) 

Day 17: 

Complete Act IV and build act and scene summaries, vocaulary, and pull two quotes from Act IV if you have not already.

Review literary terms. 

Day 18: 

Morality class activity. View Act V

Day 19: Complete notes for Act V- vocabulary, scene, and act summary. Also, record two quotes from Act V. 

Day 20: Translation class activity

Day 21: Mask activity: Create a mask of Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. View the samples and create an image that visually represents the change in character. You may use mark, pen/ink, paint, etc. The mask must include the written paragraph somewhere in/on the mask.  Bring your completed mask tomorrow.

Day 22: Completed mask due. Socratic seminar and reflection.

Day 23: Macbeth final.


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