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World History I   Tags: byzantine, china, greece, japan, middle_ages, renaissance, rome, russia, world_history  

World History- 1st Semester. From 5,000 B.C. to 1500 A.D and Includes Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mongols, China, Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
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Please answer the following questions:

  1. What were the people like?
  2. What was the main religion? (Polytheistic/Monotheistic/ Name the god or some of the gods)
  3. What were some major ceremonies, feasts or sacred days?
  4. What was the food like?
  5. What did they do for protection?
  6. Who were some main people in the civilization?
  7. What type of government did they have?
  8. List a minimum of 3 conflicts and answer the following:  cause/effect, major people involved, brief summary of event
  9. How does this time period influence us today?

The Middle Ages

Following the fall of Rome, Europe entered the Middle Ages which is defined by wars, kingdoms, and religion.

This section is so complex, I would recommend choosing one or two SIMILAR topics and writing about those instead.  Be sure to get them approved by the teacher before beginning.

Different Ideas:
  1. Feudalism (Kings, Lords, Knights, Serfs)
  2. Chivalry and Knights
  3. Knights Templar/Crusades
  4. The Catholic Church
  5. Tortures
  6. Inquisition
  7. Vikings
  8. Normans
  9. Famous Wars (War of Roses, 100 years War, Norman Invasion, etc.)
  10. Dark Ages
  11. Bubonic Plague
  12. Royalty
  13. Joan of Arc
  14. Superstitions
  15. Guilds
  16. Merchants
  17. Peasants


These books can be used as possible sources:

  1. The Late Middle Ages by Corrick, James A.  940.1 COR.
  2. English Life in the Middle Ages. by Salzman, Louis  940.1 SAL
  3. Fury of the Northmen: Time Frame, AD 800-1000 by the editors of Time-Life Books  T 909.07 FUR
  4. Gateway to the Middle Ages: France and Britain. by Duckett, Eleanor  940.1 DUC
  5. Gateway to the Middle Ages: Italy. by Duckett, Eleanor  940.1 DUC
  6. Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices From a Medieval Village by Schlitz, Laura Amy  J 812.6 SCH
  7. Introduction to the Middle Ages (375-814). by Emerton, Ephraim   940.1 EME
  8. The Middle Ages by Jeff Hay, book editor  940.1 MID
  9. Medieval Days and Ways by Hartman, Gertrude  940.1 HAR
  10. Middle Ages Primary Sources  by Knight, Judson  940.1 KNI
  11. Lords, Ladies, Peasants, and Knights: Class in the Middle Ages  by Nardo, Don  940.1 NAR
  12. Middle Ages  by Knight, Judson  940.1 KNI     
  13. The Age of Feudalism by Davenport, John  940.1 DAV
  14. Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, Geoffrey 821 CHA
  15. Doomsday Book by Willis, Connie  Fic WIL
  16. The Early Middle Ages by Corrick, James A  940.1 COR
  17. Glory of the Medieval World. by Pernoud, Regine  940.1 PER
  18. The Late Middle Ages by Barter, James  940.1 BAR
  19. Life During the Middle Ages by Rice, Earle  940.17 RIC
  20. Life in a Medieval Village by Morgan, Gwyneth  942 MOR
  21. Mediæval History; Europe From the Second to the Sixteenth Century. by Stephenson, Carl  940.1 STE
  22. A Medieval Cathedral by Macdonald, Fiona  T 726.6 MAC
  23. The Medieval Knight by Windrow, Martin  T 940.17 WIN
  24. A Life for God: The Medieval Monastery  by Lace, William W  940.1 LAC
  25. The Black Death by Corzine, Phyllis  614.5 COR
  26. Life During the Black Death by Dunn, John M  940.1 DUN

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