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This is the "Project Checklist and Extra Credit" page of the "Arizona" guide.
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Project Checklist and Extra Credit Print Page

Extra Credit


To add to your project and to have a little more fun, you may create your critter out of recycled materials.  Yes, that's right; create your own Recycled Animal!


Let your imagination go!  Use soda cans, liter pop bottles, water bottles, paper plates, foil, plastic forks, sticks, newspaper, buttons, egg cartons, straws, etc.  Anything that you have sitting at home that you can turn into your critter.  Use your imagination!  Go wild and have fun!


If using a hot glue gun or any other type of tool, be sure to have adult supervision.




Outline for Animal Report


Adaptations for Survival - (Unique features or behaviors)

   You will need to include at least 3 adaptations.  This paragraph explains the unique features and behaviors your animal has that enable it to survive.  Use your chart to help write the paragraph. 

Challenges in Surviving - (Enemies and problems risking survival)

  Explain the obstacles that can cause this animal to not exist.              

Total points for Adaptations and Challenges - 20

Let's Eat - Describe what your animal eats.              

Total points - 5

It's a Fact - Write and explain 3 amazing facts about your animal.              

Total points - 5 

My Wonderful Home - Pop-up Habitat - You will draw and illustrate your animal's habitat and be sure to place the animal in the habitat.  Write the unique features of the habitat and type of home that your animal has. 

Total points - 10

Map - Where can your animal be found in Arizona?  Color the map.  Be sure to include a legend or key.

Total points - 5

Illustrate 2 unique features for adapting to survive.

Total points - 5

Chart on Structures and Behaviors

Total points - 5

Front Cover - Large picture of your animal, name of your animal, your name.

Total points - 5

Back Cover - Arizona Wildlife Card, picture or illustration of your animal, vital statistics about your animal.

Total points - 10



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