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This is the "geometry" page of the "Arizona" guide.
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geometry glossary

acute angle = angle less than 90 degrees
acute triangle = triangle with all acute angles
area = inside of figure, on a rectangle or square it is length x width
congruent = same size and shape
equilateral triangle = all sides the same length
flip = reflection
hexagon = six sided figure
intersecting lines = cross or touch each other
isosceles triangle = two sides the same length
octagon = eight sided figure
obtuse = angle that is over 90 degrees
obtuse triangle = triangle with one obtuse angle
parallel = lines that never touch
parallelogram = four sided figure with opposite sides parallel, 2 sets of parallel sides
pentagon = five sided figure
perimeter = outside of figure, on a rectangle or square it is adding up all sides
perpendicular = lines that make a right angle
polygon = many sided figure that is closed and has no curved lines
quadrilateral = four sided figure
rectangle= four sided figure with with opposite sides of equal length and parallel
rhombus= four sided figure with all sides the same length
right = angle that is 90 degrees
right triangle = triangle with one right angle
scalene = no sides the same length
similar = same shape
slide = translation
square = four sided figure with all sides the same length and right angles
trapezoid = four sided figure with one set of parallel lines
turn = rotation



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