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Schubert's mosaic and stained-glass guide   Tags: art teacher, elective, mosaic, stained glass  

A how to do stained-glass guide, How to do Mosaics, Art teacher
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Stained-glass/Mosaic Masterpieces

Great photos of mosaic masterpieces come in a wide variety of medias, check these out.






Easy Reading Stained-glass/Mosaic Books

These books and other resources are worth taking a look at.

The 'How To' for Stained-glass
This book is great for beginners. It shows you how to create stained-glass projects. There are lists of materials that will make it easy to made stained-glass windows. It also shows you how to make sun-catchers. And with photos explains a step by step process for stained-glass.

Stained-glass Made Simple

The Art of Stained-glass Creations

Stained-glass for Idoits

Masterpieces of the Art of Glass

Mosaics from Tiles to Stones
This book teaches you the very basics of mosaics. It will help you understand the 'how to' in simple terms. It is a good beginners book about the world of mosaics.

Mosaics Made Easy
Another good beginners book.


Critque a Masterpiece

Use these two stained-glass and mosaic masterpieces with the critique format on the right to better understand how to look at and evaluate a piece of art.


Mosaics and Stained-glass

Mosaics and stained-glass courses are being cut out of the curriculum to make room for more math and science classes. This craft is dieing because of budget cuts and low priorty. Does anyone want anything to be done about this?


    The Birth of Stained-glass/Mosaics

    How do you find answers to questions? Ever wonder where stained-glass/mosaics got their beginnings? Watch these short stained-glass/mosaic videos and answer some of your questions. In the first video, the stained-glass windows are over-welling and their creations are things of beauty. This video may only open up more questions, like, who were the creators of these masterpieces? How were they made? What were they made of? How did the artists come up with their subject matter and designs? Who financed their creations? How much did they cost? To answer some of these questions and more you will have to continue researching the wonderful world of stain-glass and mosaics. The second video is on mosaics and once again opens up probably more questions than it answers.

    Historical Beginnings in Stained-glass: A how-to make mosaics made easy: hhtp://

    Stained-glass/mosaic to do guide

    Use these web links to study the art of stained-glass/mosaic making. Creating stained-glass/mosaic is extreme simple to do. These links will show you how to create your own stained-glass/mosaic masterpieces. The creations you can make will be the most beautiful and elegant creations you have ever seen and they will be yours to keep forever...








      Purchasing Stained-glass/Mosaic Supplies

      Find out where the best buys are to purchase supplies for stain-glass and mosaic. All store are local companies.

      Tumble Weed: North East Plaza of Baseline and Price Frwy (101), Mesa.


      Lincoln Glass: North of University Dr on 52nd Street, Tempe.



        What do you think?

        This feedback form will assist in creating more links, books, videos, etc. and help make this a user-friendly site. Please take a few minutes to list your preferences on what works, what doesn't and added improvements about stained-glass/mosaics making, procedures or materials, thank you.

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        Critiquing Masterpieces in Stained-glass/Mosaics

        Learning to Look and write about art

        The art to critique a Masterpiece in either stained-glass or mosaics made simple.

        Use the following format to write a statement about the two stained-glass and mosaic masterpieces on the left, so you are able to understand the basic keys of assessing a piece of art. Use the following 100 point, teacher-made check list to self-evaluate yourself. Finish this exercise with a written statement about both masterpieces.

        Task: Write a statement about each stained-glass and moasic masterpieces using the following 5 objectives to guide your writing:

        STUDENT     TEACHER     LOOKING FOR POINTS                    WRITING

        Points:            Points:            (Maximum 20 points):                    OBJECTIVE:

        _________       _________       _________               1.) Describe the masterpiece briefly.

        _________       _________       _________               2.) Describe what you see.

        _________       _________       _________               3.) Describe the design.

        _________       _________       _________               4.) Describe how it was made.

        _________       _________       _________               5.) What feelings/mood is conveyed?

        ______/100      ______/100      _________/100      =      FINAL SCORE


          Interactive poll

          How helpful is this site to understand the basic problems and procedures of creating mosaic and stained-glass pieces of art?


          Events and Dates

          First Christian Church Phoenix, AZ

          View This Beautiful Stained-glass...

          The stained glass in the spire and lantern were shipped to Tempe, Arizona, ... 2005, First Christian Church | 6750 N. 7th Avenue | Phoenix, AZ 85013 ...
 - Cached


          Mesa Junior High School will be torn down at the end of the 2011-2012 school year for budgetary reasons. Can anything be done to save the mural in the student cafeteria and, as a matter of fact, the weaving and needlepoint in the media center too? What will happen to these beautiful masterpieces of historic icons of past years?! SAVE THE MURAL, NEEDLE POINT AND WEAVING!

          Guide on Stained-glass/mosaics

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          Thorne Schubert
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          Mesa Public Schools Professional Development Cadre at Westwood HS;
          e-mail: 480-839-1620.
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          Stained-glass/Mosaics Masterpieces

          Great photos of stained-glass masterpieces come in a wide variety of medias, check these out.






            Dates and Events

            • Thursday, Apr 15, 2010: Mesa Junior High School student cafeteria south wall
              View a 10' X 35' mosaic mural in the cafeteria at Mesa Junior High School. This mural was created by over 300 students and took 2 years to complete by 1979.
            • Wednesday, May 5, 2010 to Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010: Sky Harbour Airport
              Terminal 1 has a floor mosaic which is worth seeing. It was one of a kind and built in the 60's.

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