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Laura Sears
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Copyright Law for Educators
by Laura Sears - Last Updated Feb 8, 2010
This guide should help you with the do's and don'ts of copyright law as it pertains to teachers and educational use.
Tags: copyright, copyright_educators, copyright_law
Copyright Simplified for Students and Teachers
by Laura Sears - Last Updated Feb 27, 2013
This guide will give students and teachers copyright information and guidelines for research and Internet publication.
Tags: copyright, copyright_simplified, copyright_students, copyright_teachers
Enhancing Instruction through LibGuides
by Laura Sears - Last Updated Jun 7, 2012
This class will focus on advanced features and Web 2.0 tools available when building LibGuides.
Exploring Instructional Databases
by Laura Sears - Last Updated Jan 22, 2013
Learn how to use MPS databases, online resources, ebooks, and much more. Also explore how to evaluate information critically and competently as well as effective search techniques.
Tags: databases, exploring_databases, instructional_databases, mps_databases
Guide for LibGuide Authors
by Laura Sears - Last Updated May 31, 2013
This guide will show you how to create and publish a LibGuide for MPS.
Tags: authors, building_libguides, creating_libguides, libguides, library_services, sears
Introduction to LibGuides
by Laura Sears - Last Updated May 23, 2013
An introduction to the basics of building a LibGuide to help students focus their research and target the most appropriate resources.
Tags: intro_to_libguides, introduction_libguides, libguides